About Unival


“To be a leader in the commercialization of valves, connections and industrial accessories, reaching all of the major industrial poles of Brazil and other countries of South America.”


– The search for excellence: Be amongst the best companies of valves and connections, acting in an agile and persistent manner, standing out in all of its activities.
– Competitiveness: Conquer new clients, while maintaining the current ones, compete equally with the competitor, grow in an ethical and legal way.
– Commitment: Prioritize the request of the clients to better serve them above any circumstance
– Competitive Intelligence: Collect, analyze, process information and capacity of the competitors, identify vulnerability, market tendencies and opportunities to create competitive differentials
– Appreciation of the Capital Intellectual: Develop a healthy work environment, treat all with respect, offer opportunities to grow professionally and personally through the “Univalsitários” program.


Serve the clients with quality and agility, providing solutions that meet their necessities and surpass their expectations.

Unival Quality Policy

– Continue improving the Quality Management System through the improvement and increase of the effectiveness of the processes;

– To meet and exceed customer satisfaction by meeting its requirements and other applicable requirements;

– Make a profit through a management model that uses the best market practices;

– Meet stakeholder requirements and increase the satisfaction of our shareholders and collaborators;

– Act and be known as an ethical and responsible company;