//Tubular Fittings

Tubular Fittings

The Tubular Fittings have the tubes as the raw material for their manufacture. They can be produced from seamless pipes or welded tubes, and usually have a raw material: carbon steel ASTM 106, ASTM A350 LF2, stainless steel ASTM A 403 AISI 304/304, alloy steels such as

At Unival you will find the following Tubular Fittings:

  • 45, 90, 180 elbows;
  • Crosses;
  • Concentric reducers;
  • Eccentric reducers;
  • Nipples;
  • Concentric reducer nipples;
  • Eccentric reducer nipples;
  • Extension nipples;
  • Teas;
  • Reducer tees;
  • 45 tess;
  • short stub end;
  • long stub end ( stub end ).


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