//Victaulic Knife Valve

Victaulic Knife Valve

Available in the sizes: 3 – 12″/80 – 300 mm

Developed for fluida that contain solids or abrasive materials. Recommended to be used in the on-off operation (without acceleration).

The knife valves are available with drives:

  • Manual by handle ( 3-8”/80-200mm), manual and automatic reducer
  • Pneumatic cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Multiphase motor operation
  • Bevel gear (10 – 12″/250 – 300 mm)

Recommended for 150 psi/1035 kPa/10 bar unidirectional performance.

Provides insulation of locks without exposure at the bottom of the valve. Knife, body and base can be changed without removing the valve from the tubing. It has a seat of unidirectional polyurethane. The lower house has a cleaning door for maintenance.


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