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Victaulic Valves

The Victaulic Valves have a wide variety of uses. They are projected and produced to offer reliability, allowing for a performance that is problem free, more flow control with longe duration.

Victaulic offers a complete line of butterfly, retention, ball valves, triple service, circuit balancing and plug in various materials that are resistant to wearing and with the options of coatings, to tend to the specific needs of your pipe systems for diverse applications.

Butterfly Valves

The Victaulic butterfly valves offer excellent performance as: low torque, high flow, water tightness and bi-directional flow across the entire pressure range. Available in diameters from 1 ½ to 24” (40 to 600 mm), our valves are offered in a variety of body, disc and base configurations, including bodies built in ductile iron, stainless steel and bronze, and bases in EPDM, nitrile and fluoroelastomeric.

All butterfly valves are available with manual drives through handpiece, manual and automatic reducer.

Retention Valves

The Vic-Check valves are available in various configurations. The 716 series valve is designed with a single hatch and spring return, being able to be installed in the horizontal or vertical. The 779 series Venturi valve allows for a calibrated flow measurement and is easily connected to the Vic-300 MasterSeal Butterfly Valve or Vic-Plu 377 series for triple the service. Swing check valves (in ductile iron or steel) are also available for oilfield applications.

Ball Valves

Vic-Ball® is a valve designed for high pressure with grooved ends. Its hydrodynamic design gives it excellent flow, and is available in ductile iron and stainless steel. A three-way ball valve is also available to redirect the flow 90 ° to the left or right for tubing systems in carbon steel or stainless steel. The Vic-Ball valves are available in diameters from 1½ to 6” (40 to 150 mm) depending on the type of body. One bronze ball valve with threaded ends is also offered in the diameters from ¼ to 2” (10 to 50 mm) for a variety of services.

Circuit Balancing Valves

The circuit balancing valves TA offered by Victaulic, offer a reliable, efficient and economically effective method of balancing and measuring all system flow rates. Total strangulation is achieved by 4, 8, 12, or 16 complete turns of the gauntlet, enabling precise configuration. The result is a high degree of accuracy adjustment and accurate balancing of the system.

The circuit balancing valves TA, offered by Victaulic, are offered in a variety of configurations and sizes for a variety of heating and cooling uses. A line of automatic flow control valve and accessories is also available.

Plug Valves

Made of ductile iron with a variety of coating options, the 365 Series Vic-Plug ™ valves are the lightest and easiest installation eccentric plug valves available on the market today. The rounded body shape of the valve body,

nickel-fused in the body, provides dependable and durable service. Available in diameters from 3 to 12 "(80 to 300 mm), 175 psi / 1200 kPa, and from 14 to 18" (350 to 450 mm), 150 psi / 1035 kPa.

The 377 Series Vic-Plug balancing valves are the only valves with eccentric grooved end plug on the market that are designed specifically for flow regulation services and are available in 3 to 6 "(80 to 150 mm) diameters for pressures up to 175 psi / 1200 kPa.

Triple Service Valves

The Victaulic Triple Service Valve consists of mounting a butterfly valve or a Vic-Plug valve and a standard Victaulic check valve (order the components separately). This configuration provides full retention, mechanical memory regulation and gradual retention, provided by a single set.

The retention valve 779 series provides high precision in the measurement of flow, as well as spring return designed for high flow. The Venturi type flow outlet is prepared (drilled and capped) to receive flow measures.



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