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TUPY develops factory components in iron fused for the automotive departments, railways, and machines and equipment.
It also produces fittings made of malleable iron, used in hydraulic installations and other mechanisms that conduce gases, industrial fluids, iron profiles, applied in mechanical construction and iron and steel shots, used as an abradents for the cleaning of machines and cutting and roughing of minerals.



Victaulic Co of America is a global company, world leader in solutions for systems and and pipes used in the transportation of fluids. Founded in 1925 in the USA, it maintains its innovative characteristics in high quality and trustworthy technical solutions. Coupling, fittings and valves for the following systems:
– Fire Protection – HVAC/PHA
– Pumping Systems
– Mining Plants
– Oil Plants
– Systems for Water and Effluents Treatment
– Sugar and Alcohol Refineries
– Industrial Plants

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PPR INDUSTRIAL AND CPVC INDUSTRIAL Line: Tigre developed a line of products for industry, with solutions based on the most modern technologies available in the world for the conduction of fluids, considering its specificities, pressure, temperatures and other features.
Leader in the fabrications of tubes and connections for civil construction, infrastructure and irrigation, Tiger is recognized for the quality of its products, through the force of its brand and also for its excellence in service and attention to the necessities of the client.



Unival is an exclusive representative in South America of BTL products.
Boteli Valve Group – BTL is a renowned group that fabricates industrial valves with its headquarters in Wenzhou, China.
BTL invests in technology for production, and has been offering quality products in gate valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, globe valves, retention valves and special valves.
In total, it is more than 50 types of valves to choose from, with the option of different models for the different necessities within your company.

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C+T Flow Control

C + T Flow Control Equipments (Chengdu) Co., is a 2008 company, located in the city of Chengdu, and has its business in the conception, production and sale of actuators. They are more than 6 series of products, with more than 100 items.

The products have been used in ships, chemicals, petrochemicals, water treatments, foods, metallurgy and industries in general.

C + T and Unival together bring to Brazil a brand that is recognized worldwide for its quality in flow control, with high quality, innovation and performance.



Deca/Hydra is a brazilian company that has been on the market for 64 years and is the biggest producer of industrial wood panels, tableware and articles of the Southern Hemisphere, and is the leader on the brazilian market. Unival distributes the line of Deca Industrial Basica such as: Gate valves, globe, bronze retention balls, bronze filters, etc.

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